How to store and transfer bitcoins anonymously?


Mixers help Bitcoin holders remain anonymous. With their help, investors can withdraw Bitcoins and, at the same time, keep the main address secret. So, let’s consider how to organize secure transactions with the help of special mixer services.

Bitcoin mixer – the best way to mix cryptocurrency

The specially-designed mixers clean users’ Bitcoins. Such services combine coins to break the sender-receiver chain. As a result, attackers cannot trace the actual sender of the transaction. As a rule, mixers have several crypto-mixing modes. They differ in cost, the duration of the Bitcoin cleanup process, and the degree of protection from blockchain analysis.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin mixer provides a high level of protection, including modern encryption methods, unique codes for all users, and timely deletion of information about transactions.

Common steps in the crypto-mixing process

You must mix coins when sending or receiving them from a new source. It will increase your chances of remaining anonymous. There is the following guide to do it:

  • First, you need to find a Bitcoin pool that you can use. You can use many Bitcoin pools, but you should check their reputation before using them.
  • Then you must create an account on the pool and get an address to receive bitcoins. This address is used to accept new Bitcoins after shuffling.
  • Then you should o transfer your coins from your wallet to the Bitcoin pool. You must specify the Bitcoin pool address as the recipient address.
  • After transferring bitcoins to the Bitcoin pool, they will start mixing them with other users. This process can take from several minutes to several hours.
  • After the pool finishes mixing bitcoins, it will send them to you to a new address. This address will be different from your original address, which will help prevent your Bitcoin transaction history from being traced.

So, such services take on technical complexity. The user should enter the address to receive coins and send Bitcoins.

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